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Minigicians have no existence in the universe of the supernatural and nevertheless, they would deserve a place in it. People decimated by metamorphs in their world, powerful forces have joined forces to revive this species. For centuries, the minigicians became a rumor, an unverifiable myth for most witches until the day Mini-Maverick appeared at the manor of the Lailo family, without any memory of its past.

If his presence brings together the little cousins Raphael and Joshua, respectively wizard and wolf metamorph, they are all three far from imagining what the future holds for them.

Until their destiny takes shape, they will learn to grow together. Mini-Maverick will adapt to his new family and be considered a member of the family. Raphael will become his wizard master while Joshua, behind his grouchy airs, will intrigue him over the years.

If the plans of the powerful forces had been to do everything possible to give birth to an extinct species again, they did not expect the last of the minigicians to be able to feel emotions in the same way as a human…


The imperfection of a prophecy - T0.5

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The universe of minigicians



The Lailo family was one of those who knew of the existence of minigicians, small beings of human size, and appearance. Measuring between ten and thirteen centimeters, they had blond hair, intense colored eyes, and the particularity of having angel wings when they reached maturity.

The last time they came to the world of Men, it was to save what they had left them: dragons. Since the magic of the minigicians had no impact on this universe, they had to bind themselves to a master wizard and thus merge their power to use them. In doing so, he was entirely devoted to them and was willing to sacrifice their lives to protect him.

That was what Léo-Paul Lailo wanted to tell his wife, Éloïse. The latter, who had heard of these small beings as a rumor, had not married an ordinary wizard, but one of the most powerful existing to date. From then on, she understood that a great secret hung around these minigicians.

Any surprises and injuries? She had had them in her life. Losing her husband when he was an infallible oracle had torn her heart. Fortunately, in her misfortune, she had had two children: Ethan and Lily, now grown up.

Today, at the age of forty-five, his joy at seeing a minigician under his roof was fading. Éloïse secretly wanted to meet one, because she needed to know their true story and understand the secret that surrounded them.


She sighed and closed the elders' grimoire, a thick and old manuscript that contained a large part of the Lailo family's history. She had hoped to find two or three notes on these minigicians, but her husband had always told her that it was impossible to leave a trace of them and that everything was told orally.

She gradually thought that it would not be during her lifetime that one of them would appear...


"Mommy?" called him her son Ethan, leaning over his shoulder.

She pivoted her chair and fell face to face with Raphael who was sleeping against her big boy's chest. She kissed her grandson's brown hair and then stood up, looking at Ethan's presence. This one looked a lot like Leo-Paul. He was tall, had hazel eyes and brown hair. He had the same power to see things that would happen, and that could sometimes be avoided. Used to her constantly worried look, she waited for his question.

"Mommy?" repeated this one by sitting in the chair next to the desk, "I need to know more about the last minigician. Why isn't he like the others? Why couldn't he sacrifice himself for his master?"

Eloïse had told him several times the story of the minigicians, but had never been able to explain the reasons why the last of them had to sleep until he was called back.

Noting that her son's voice was worried, she took her place and reminded him of what she knew:

"Because the last one who survives his brothers and sisters in arms must carry out what the elders call a quest, the quest of destiny. Unfortunately, your father was vague about that, so I'm not very helpful."

"What if he comes back?"

"If this is to happen, it means that the time will have come for him to fulfill his destiny."

"Do we know if it's happened before?"

"Yes. There have been others before... but as I told you, everything is told orally, there is no writing..."

"Yeah, that's too bad..."

"Why, suddenly, all these questions?"

Ethan tightened his arms around her baby, looked at him for a moment, and then looked up at her.

"Earlier, I was talking to Lily. When I touched her belly, I had a vision..."

Her daughter, who was pregnant, did not want to reveal the father's identity to them. It was frustrating, but Eloise had accepted knowing that one day Lily would explain why.

"From the look on your face, it looks like you saw a ghost?"

"The last minigician. He will be there..."

She was stunned because she no longer expected to hear this news.

From that day on, she had carefully re-launched her reading of the family's historical grimoires while remaining attentive to the other witches in the community, whose conflicts she sometimes settled.

She knew that minigicians were visible to witches and metamorphs. As for the shamans, they could only hear them. However, there were very rare cases: some children were able to see them until a certain age.


It was while taking the time to reread the grimoires that she discovered a scribbled note from her late husband's hand. The latter looked more like a succession of words than information and it is certainly for this reason that she had not really paid attention to it.

"Anthera's prophecy.

To be gathered: metamorphs, sorcerers, shamans, and the exceptional (circle of elites dedicated only to the alpha of alphas).

Legion? Reign?

Everything is linked.



However, she didn't understand it. Anthera was known to the metamorphs as their goddess and Eloise did not know much about their custom. If the magically endowed beings lived in this world, this would be their only common point, because it was obvious that this prophecy did not concern the wizards.

But from the moment Joshua turned three years old; she felt a different power in him than hers. He was light, tiny as if he didn't have one, but he was real.

When she discovered that he could turn into a cub, she finally understood the meaning of the note: Joshua was at the center of a prophecy belonging to the metamorphs. She then wondered how Leo-Paul had come to think that it would be this boy. Had he seen it through his visions? And above all, where did he get this prophecy from? Anthera, the goddess of the metamorphs, had no connection with the witches.

One evening, Eloise told her children about her discovery. Ethan, at first frightened, was surprised that Lily had not told him anything about Joshua's father's nature.

"You couldn't have gotten pregnant from a metamorph! shouted this one. That's impossible!

"Ethan, relax," Eloise advised him, as worried as he was.

"Calm me down?" gesticulated this last. "Mom! A metamorph and a witch? Can you imagine the impact this will have on our community?"

"I've already checked it out!"

Eloise had to shake him to bring him to his senses. She had also been surprised to know it, but the rest was even more destabilizing...

"And?" Ethan moved gently when he realized that Lily was shaking.

Eloise smiles as she sees him shaking her younger daughter's hand as if to reassure her.

"I know we rarely talk about metamorphs," she replied, "but according to the council, there can be no conceptions between human beings, wizards or mortals, and them.

The council was a group of men and women who also called themselves the Order of the Phoenix. He represented each species endowed with magic. Working in the shadows, with a covered face, he called on certain witches to calm conflicts and, above all, he listed historical facts that would arouse interest, such as prophecies.

"What do you mean?"Finally spoke Lily in a white voice.

"A human cannot carry their offspring because our placenta is too fragile and, in the opposite case, the sperm of the human is considered as a virus that the body of the annihilating metamorph..."

"No... but how could I conceive Joshua if?..."

Eloise took a deep breath while looking at them turn in turn to give herself the courage to reveal the truth about Joshua to them.

"Listen to me, there is a prophecy among metamorphs that speaks of an alpha... The one who would restore the balance between his own and other known magical species..."

"An alpha?" stammered painfully at his daughter.

"Yes, the alpha of alphas."

"Who will teach my boy his wolf side? I don't know anything about it and..."

"No one, she cut it off categorically. The board doesn't want to divulge Joshua's particularity and, the fact that you didn't say anything about the father, suggests to me that the prophecy is already on its way."

"No, I just..."

"Lily, for whatever reason, Joshua will be the alpha whether we like it or not. We must ensure that he does not use his magic, however, he can transform himself here on our estate. It is large, vast, and protected by the charms of our ancestors."

"Can't he do it at my place? Or Ethan's?" Lily asked him.

"No, you'll have to talk him out of it."

Realizing that the announcement was not easy for her children to digest, Eloise preferred to keep to herself what she knew about this prophecy. There had been a precedent, centuries earlier when it could not be achieved. This failure had forced today's council to reconsider their position as support: it will only intervene if and only if the alpha of the alphas accepts its status.

After a few minutes of silence, she and her children finally decided that everything possible should be done to ensure that Joshua was well surrounded, starting with his cousin Raphael, with whom he did not speak.

Ten and seven years old respectively, Raphael was trying to get closer to the second. But Joshua, who felt his difference, refused to open up and preferred to contemplate the sky.

For this to work, they had agreed that the cousins would spend all the summer holidays at Eloise's. If at first, it seemed difficult, the arrival of the minigician at the manor brought them closer.




Eloïse was in the kitchen and preparing the evening meal. Mini-Maverick, who had appeared a few days earlier under his roof, had made Raphael his master. She had been disappointed to have missed the exchange, the connection link that linked the minigician's magic to his grandson's.

However, she had been happy to discover it on Raphael's shoulder. During the presentations, she had learned that he had no memory of his past, who his master had been and why he was there.


Mini-Maverick's high-pitched voice, due to his small size, resounded behind her, and Eloise pivoted. Every time she looked at him, she couldn't help but smile. Mini-Maverick wore the same outfit all the time; brown pants, black boots with a gold buckle, a poplin shirt under a dark gold-lined jacket, and a dark bag he was carrying around.

She had no doubt about the time he came from and, unlike the minigician, she knew the identity of the previous master he had had: an ancestor of her late husband.

"Grandmother?" repeated this one, taking her out of her thoughts.


"Why can't my master and Joshua get along? They're cousins, so they should normally be close."

"It's not easy to explain to you. Let's say Joshua is different."

"What do you mean?"

"He is a wizard, but also a wolf metamorph."

"I don't see how this difference affects their relationship."

"I know," she whispered, letting go of a sigh."

Maverick sneaked out to the sill of the kitchen window and looked at the cousins. Raphael was looking after a vegetable garden on the right and Joshua, whose behavior intrigued him, was observing the sky as if the universe was able to answer him.

It's a fantastic MM romance (I'll avoid spoiler so you have to read it to find out)

Translated from French to English by ... some time ago, and since I didn't have time to reread it, I'm going back to it.

So I'm proofreading and correcting it. I realize that it's not easy to translate certain passages or words.

For example: 
In French, I use a lot of "minus" (in French) to refer to the minigician by Joshua, but apart from translating it by "little man" or "little one", during an interaction with Joshua who nicknamed him that way, I had to use " insect " because otherwise, it didn't fit the moment.